The day after I arrived in Maliana the three brothers and I, plus a group of willing volunteers from Maliana traveled to Saburai to set up the tarpaulin covers for the Saburai Christmas event. The place chosen for the event is a block of land located at Saburai that was given to Missionaries of the Poor by the local bishop and authorities to help them in their ministry of assisting the people of Saburai. The brothers have already constructed a temporary metal shed to serve them until a monastery can be built. As soon as we arrived at Saburai we were joined by many more enthusiastic helpers. We arrived at the land and the talented blokes (being assisted by me with a camera) built the structure for the tarpaulins.

Saburai Mountain is long (around 12km) and quite high (highest point is 1600m elevation). The village is situated on the northern side of the mountain at an average elevation of 900m, and is about 4km long. Currently, because of the condition of the road, it is over 2 hours walk from the brothers’ block of land to the midpoint of the village.

The next post will be the day of the Christmas party for the Saburai people.

See you then…!!!!

With every blessing

Trevor and Tina


At Maliana, preparing to leave for Saburai


Fallow rice fields with Saburai Mountain in the distance


One of the nicer houses heading up to Saburai


Pass by a really nice church at Memo


Travelling over one of the creeks up to Saburai


In this area epiphytic ferns festoon many of the trees


Some very shy girls reluctantly pose for a photo heading up to Saburai


We reach the brothers’ property looking up to Saburai Mountain, their shed in the foreground


Looking down into the Maliana valley


Locals helping with the tarpaulins and supplies


Br Jimmy checking out the best location to hold the Christmas party


Building the shelter for the Saburai community Christmas party


Some families visit


Building continues…


…and continues…


…and job finished


Saburai Mountain is quite beautiful


Saburai Mountain, Timor Leste