Just last Christmas (2016), Tracey and Gavin Soutar from South Australia made a visit to the Labuan Bajo mission while visiting Komodo and its surrounding islands. While in Labuan Bajo, they managed to attend the children’s Christmas party at the monastery. In addition, they agreed to share with us some of their tourist pics which we are going to share in this post.

Tracey and Gavin were very impressed with Missionaries of the Poor and the town of Labuan Bajo and had some heart-warming comments as per:

“Labuan Bajo is truly a magical place – we had an amazing time and found the people to be so friendly and helpful. It was an incredible experience.
Our visit to the mission was amazing – the brothers were all so welcoming and put so much effort into ensuring the children had a wonderful time. We felt very blessed to be a part of it – and we were definitely made to feel a part of it, so thank you for putting us in touch with Brother Nerlito.”

So please sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery around Labuan Bajo. This is a particularly enjoyable post for us as we have not seen any of the tourist sites around Labuan Bajo as yet.

See you next time when we return to Timor Leste to give you an insight into extreme poverty, as we visit the very poor and remote mountain village of Saburai.

See you then

Every blessing

Trevor and Tina

Komodo Island

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Rinca Island

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Pada Island

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Other islands

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Cunca Rami Waterfall

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Labuan Bajo

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