Maliana is situated in the far western region of Timor Leste not far from the Indonesian border. It is reasonably remote being about 3 hours by road from the capital which is Dili. Sections of the road are not trafficable during the wet season. Thus, the shopping experience in Maliana is old school with market style shopping still prominent, selling a wide range of fresh produce, and an enormous number of second hand clothing that is imported from Indonesia, across the border. Essentially, the down town shopping area consists of a single road with mostly markets on one side and then a mish mash of other shops that sell a wide range of items on the other. There are no supermarkets, no hotels per se and one ‘restaurant’ that sells chicken, noodles and rice. Fresh produce is only available from stalls in the market area. There are no pharmacies but there is a government run clinic.

Among the fresh produce stalls there is significant emphasis on selling betel nut; specific leaves are wrapped around the betel nut, and lime powder is added with the nut in the leaf wrap and these wraps are chewed. It is very common in the Maliana county for women to chew betel nut, men much less so. It is said that chewing betel nut gives a calming effect.

So please have a look at the photos and recognise the level of poverty that exists even in Maliana. The shopping experience is very limited. There were several opportunities for me to take the brothers shopping and the latter part of this post illustrates this.

See you next time when we will post another Timor Leste chapter. This next post will update you on the children’s Christmas party held in Saburai, when gifts of children’s underwear were on top of Santa’s list.

We hope that you have enjoyed this post….

With every blessing

Trevor and Tina


2 IMG_0337A

The shop side of the road

1 IMG_1078A

Not really a ‘plaza’

3 IMG_1011A

4 IMG_0339A

The shop behind the green door was the only shop in town that sold pharmacy items but it never opened during my stay

5 IMG_0331A

6 IMG_0609

Inside ‘Restaurante Maliana’

7 IMG_1029A

A lot of second hand clothing for sale

8 IMG_0292A

Main road into the markets

9 IMG_0303A

The new clothing section

10 IMG_1030A

More second hand clothing

11 IMG_1035A

Even some second hand bed sheets

12 IMG_0306A

13 IMG_0311A

Dried fish and bags of betel nut

14 IMG_1034A

16 IMG_0317A

17 IMG_0327A

18 IMG_0310A

Papaya, eggs, soursop and hot chillies

19 IMG_1038A

20 IMG_1040A

Healthy foods

21 IMG_0308A

Shelling sweet onions

22 IMG_0328ABetel nut with pineapple

23 IMG_0319A

More betel nut

24 IMG_1044A

And more….with bags of lime powder

25 IMG_0300A

Some more new clothing

27 IMG_1045A


28 IMG_1046A

And more plus footwear

26 IMG_0291A

Everything for sale here

30 IMG_0275A

The brothers start their shopping: mattresses

31 IMG_1018A

A fan

32 IMG_1023A

A deep freeze

33 IMG_1049A

Supplies for food parcels for the Saburai community

35 IMG_1060A

Noodles, sugar and rice

36 IMG_1062A

Sardines and coffee

37 IMG_1063A

Br Elmer loading

39 IMG_1073A


40 IMG_1083A

Some milk drinks as well (but not the Tiger beer)

41 IMG_1089A

Ready to go

42 IMG_1091A

Does require payment

43 IMG_1098A

Sealing the deal

44 IMG_1112A

Back at the house

45 IMG_1120A

46 IMG_1122A

47 IMG_1110 A

Deep freeze is delivered