This Christmas was special for the school children of the two schools at Saburai. Through my visit to Saburai in December this year, and via the generosity of several donors from Australia, I was able to provide to each student (around 450 children), new school uniforms, and a special gift of an exercise book, a pencil and a sharpener, wrapped in gift wrapping paper. There are two schools in Saburai, one at the start of the village (at the bottom) and the other higher up in the mountains at the top of the village.

In this post, we illustrate the purchasing of the uniforms and school supplies from two stores in Dili (the school uniforms were locally made in Dili). The school supplies were then wrapped at the brothers’ house in Maliana, prior to taking them up to Saburai, after which the uniforms and school supplies were then given to each child at the two schools. In addition, we presented a gift of office supplies to each of the two principals of the schools.

This whole community is mostly extremely poor, and the children were very, very pleased to receive the gifts. As we look at the school children of Saburai may we feel blessed to have our own gifts that we have been given, and appreciate these children for their witness of Christ through their material poverty.

At this time of Christmas and the closing of 2017, may we thank you for checking out our website and following us over the last 12 months and we wish you every blessing and peace for the upcoming year.

Blessings to all

See you in 2018

Trevor and Tina

1 IMG_2162_A

Dili – about to buy the uniforms l

2 IMG_2148_A

3 IMG_2144_A

4 IMG_2149_A

5 IMG_2211_A

Dili – about to buy the school supplies

6 purchasing school supplies Dili

7 some of the school supplies

8 IMG_2225_A

About to start wrapping

9 20171205_174519_A

10 School supplies

11 Wrapping school supplies

12 IMG_2392_A

Arrived at the lower school

13 IMG_2396_A

So many children

14 IMG_2408_A

15 IMG_2416_A

Organising the uniforms into sizes

16 20171207_104150_A

17 IMG_2427_A

18 20171207_104143_A


19 IMG_2433_A

20 IMG_2426_A

21 20171207_101608_A

Giving the Christmas gifts

22 IMG_2485_A

23 IMG_2488_A

24 20171207_110000_A

Hand made rosary from Brisbane

25 IMG_2442_A

26 IMG_2446_A

27 20171207_105556_A

With gifts

28 IMG_2532_A

Another rosary

29 20171207_111539_A

Australian caps for the helpers

30 IMG_2400_A

The principal and teachers of the lower school

31 IMG_2577_A

32 IMG_2493_A

Heading home before the rain starts

33 IMG_2588_A

Arrived at the top school

34 IMG_2594_A

35 20171207_121717_A

36 IMG_2596_A

Waiting again

37 20171207_121143

38 IMG_2599_A

39 20171207_115655_A

The principal of the top school

40 IMG_2631_A

Happy with the gifts

41 IMG_2648_A

42 IMG_2652_A

43 IMG_2658_A

Brothers Emanuel, Jerwin and Jimmy