The group mission visit coordinator, Louis Lamuri, is planning a group pilgrimage to the Labuan Bajo mission over the dates, 24 June to 4 July 2019. If you haven’t been to the MOP mission in Labuan Bajo, this is an excellent opportunity to ‘do mission’ in a group setting the easy way with all the travel and itinerary organised for you. The pilgrim group will be accompanied by Fr Neville Yun from the Holy Family Parish, Indooroopilly. You may remember that Fr Nev undertook a similar mission visit to Labuan Bajo back in April 2017. So, to get to know how the mission runs and to experience the spirituality of the semi-monastic life of the brothers, we invite you along. There is never a dull moment at the MOP mission in Labuan Bajo as the activities that the brothers undertake are many and varied.

The main charism of the order is the care and maintenance of the apostolate residents, boys and young adults that suffer various degrees of physical or mental disability. In addition, you will experience the prayer life in their newly built chapel, experience a real working farm on the monastery land, and the brothers’ outreach programs to the greater community in Labuan Bajo. Full details for joining the pilgrim group on this June trip are provided here. To give you a snapshot of what type of activities that you will be participating in when making the visit, we have posted here, a good collection of photos which hopefully will entice you to come along. The photos are arranged in groups under the title of the activity that will be on offer to you.

We trust you will enjoy the images.

God bless all and see you next time

Hope to hear soon that you will be ‘on mission

Love and blessings

Trevor and Tina





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15_Our Lady watches over the chapel


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4. Dr Naomi attempting to assess Eben

5. Eben

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