It has been 10 years now since the first pioneer brothers (Brs Emmanuel, Nerlito and Ronel) stepped foot onto Flores, to commence their new mission.

Now ten years on, the mission is well established, meeting the needs of the poor and disenfranchised in Labuan Bajo and beyond, with the corporal and spiritual works of mercy emanating from Jesus through the hands of the brothers. The monastery land boasts a fully operating monastery, an apostolate where 21 special needs boys are permanently cared for, an outreach classroom where children of the local town receive weekly English classes, a fully operational clinic, community outreach, plus more. In addition, the tuition costs of a local group of school children, 15 in total, are being sponsored by generous families in Australia.

Another significant blessing for the mission has been the many vocations that have been received from local Indonesian boys joining the brotherhood, to work for the Lord. In a world that is primarily self indulgent, it is certainly counter cultural and pleasing to see such an outpouring of fervently Christ-centered young men. Thus it is fitting that the Mother House in Jamaica has dedicated their autumn newsletter in honour of the first 10 years of the Flores mission. We are sure that all the supporters here in Australia can feel proud of their contribution towards the mission over the last decade and feel honoured that Christ has chosen them to assist in his redemptive work.

Please find the newsletter below for you to read and ponder over the last decade.

We will be back soon with the status of the two missions and how they are coping with Covid 19.

Every blessing to you

Trevor and Tina

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