The year 2020 started off like any other year as we prepared tea chest cartons to go via a container to the mission at

Maliana, Timor Leste. After completing the packing on all the cartons by early March, we commenced to transfer them down to the Rotary yard at Kingston. We were very close to shifting all 12 boxes down to the yard when Covid-19 struck and consequently the Rotary yard was closed indefinitely with no indication of when it would open and when the container would be leaving on the ship.

Through the grace of God, the immediate threat from Covid-19 passed and the ship was able to leave en-route to Dili in Timor Leste in August with a container unpacking date of 28 September 2020. Rotary and their representative from Burleigh Heads are to be commended on doing a fine job in getting the container of humanitarian aid to the poor and needy in Timor Leste. For our mission, crucial medical supplies, religious supplies, children’s food supplement, children’s school supplies and uniforms, new children’s clothing, and a range of toiletries, dental floss tooth brushes and tooth pastes were all supplied to the poor and neglected of all ages, in Maliana and Saburai.

In addition, two cartons with medical supplies and mission uniforms for the mission in Labuan Bajo in Flores, were also sent to go to Flores via Timor. Due to Covid-19 restrictions these two cartons could not be sent across to Flores until November when approval was granted. Thus, these supplies finally arrived in Labuan Bajo in mid November. The tale of the cartons therefore took the better part of 2020 to pack, transfer and ship to their end destinations.

Check through the photos below for the whole story from collection of goods for the cartons to their distributions.

Needless to say, the two missions will now use these treasured supplies for the impoverished in Saburai in Timor Leste and for the disabled and special needs residents in the Hati Kudus (Sacred Heart) apostolate in Labuan Bajo. What should also be mentioned is the great effort by Rotary in Brisbane for not only supplying transport for the goods but also for supplying 20 village wheelchairs, walkers for the elderly and 100 blankets (kindly donated by Qantas Airlines). In addition we wish to thank St Vincents Private Hospital – Kangaroo Point, Greenslopes Private Hospital – Greenslopes, Holy Family Primary School and parish at Indooroopilly, and numerous individual donors who were so kind in donating goods sent. Finally, we thank RelivTM ( for supplying cans of NourishTM children’s dietary supplement.

We will soon see you again soon with Part II of this post

Blessings always

Trevor and Tina

Donations from Holy Family Primary School
School supplies
School uniforms
More school supplies and children’s clothing
Religious supplies
More school supplies
New clothing for the Saburai children
Soccer balls
Medical supplies
More medical supplies
Nourish children’s supplement
Qantas blankets
On the road to the Port of Brisbane