During our visit to the Flores mission we met with the sponsor children and their parents.

There are now just seven local children that are sponsored by sponsors in Australia. We met on a Sunday afternoon at the monastery and six of the children attended with their parents/grandparents. Just one sponsor girl could not attend as she is from a small village on the way to Ruteng and this was several hours journey away.

All the children are very pleased to be sponsored and most now are in Catholic secondary school. Typically, these children have a much better chance of finding employment in Flores.

The sponsorship program has been very successful over the last ten years with over a dozen children having graduated from high school and now have successfully found jobs or have progressed to further study. We are always in need of sponsors in Australia to support local children through the mission sponsorship program.

See you in the New Year

Blessings to all

Trevor and Tina

Six sponsor children and their parents/grandmother

Gio and his dad

Tian and his mum

Andreanus and his dad

Meloni and her grandma ‘Mama Febe’

Nelia with her dad and mum, and younger brother

Jessica with her mum

Jessica with her mum, brothers and sister

With Jessica

With our sponsor child Meloni

With Meloni and her grandma ‘Mama Febe’

Tina receiving a big hug from ‘Mama Febe’, Meloni’s grandma

With the sponsor children and their families

With Jessica’s sister, Emmanuela Nerlita