A happy New Year to you with many blessings. Through some generous support the mission in Flores was able to sponsor a feeding program Christmas event for around 500 local children. 

These children are specifically selected because they are from very poor families that either live in the market areas, or live on the outskirts of the town where their families break rocks for a living. Many of these children do not attend school regularly and the gift that they received from the brothers of the mission is their only gift for Christmas. Just to help them along with their schooling, their Christmas gift was a school backpack, an exercise book, a pen and a pencil. In addition they received food and played Christmas games.

The images below show where these poor communities live, purchasing the groceries used for the preparation of the food and the very cool backpacks they received.

We wish a blessed new year to all

Trevor and Tina

Market children

Rock breaking on the outskirts of Labuan Bajo

Buying supplies begins

The party begins

Food and gifts to go