Despite Timor receiving a very early and intense wet season this summer, working for the poor does not stop.

Just prior to Christmas the brothers at the Maliana mission, in serving the people of Saburai village, conducted a feeding and food parcel program for the elderly and vulnerable of the village. The mission now has several young men from Timor Leste that have joined the order, with some at the aspirancy level, and others that have entered postulancy (those in the photos that are in white cassocks with white belts). These were all assisting on the day serving food and distributing food parcels.

For those that remember Br Nerlito from the Flores mission, he is in one of the photos also distributing food. He is now the vocations officer for the Maliana mission. Several of the older gentlemen in some of the photos were actually leprosy patients back in 2016. Due to the brothers providing the appropriate antibiotics, Saburai appears now to be clear of leprosy.

This event was for Christmas but the brothers will be holding another Christmas event for the children on 28 January 2023 when they will be distributing gifts that recently arrived in cartons in a Rotary container sent from Brisbane.

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Trevor and Tina

Special gifts for the very elderly

The very elderly

The old leprosy patients

Br Nerlito serving food