We visited the mission in early November 2019 and we wanted to give you a quick update on what is going on up there at the mission. The apostolate, where the brothers care for the young residents with special needs, now has 23 residents with varying degrees of disabilities, many with severe mental challenges. Adoration of the blessed host, in the garden of the monastery or in the chapel, is now a beautiful daily devotion. There is a great new sign outside the monastery, which is even illuminated at night and there is now a sizable bush house to help the brothers grow vegetables through the dry and wet seasons. But wait, the big news is the arrival of the new 16 seat Toyota bus (just arrived today) which will assist greatly in their mission outreach ministries.

Check out the photos and next time we will provide an overview of the 23 residents at the apostolate, in whose faces we see so much of the face of Christ.

Blessings always

Trevor and Tina


Bush house is very large


Not yet finished

Sign daylight

By day

New sign night

By night

Adoration 1

Adoration 2

Adoration 3

Br Dion English class

English class is now large, over 40 (Br Dion being very firm)


English class.jpg

English class 1


The truck has been refurbished


Dry season eggplants

Br Ladis with Hendra

Br Ladis with Hendra (one of the new boys)

Ladis and dressing cabinet

Br Ladis with wound dressing cabinet (contents donated by St Vincents Hospital Brisbane)

Ladis and medicine cabinet

Br Ladis with medicine cabinet (medicines generously donated by donors in Brisbane)


Our Lady is always watching and protecting


Tian feeding Andre

‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me’ (Matthew 25: 40)