There are now 23 special needs residents at the apostolate at the mission in Labuan Bajo. Brother Ladis (pictured) explains that, “When I see the faces of these special people I only see the face of Christ. It is a universal call to holiness to care for all the people on earth, especially those that cannot look after themselves.” This post shows the faces of 22 of the 23 special people who live at the apostolate who are cared for permanently by the brothers of the mission. These faces are of real people who, like us, are endowed with full dignity and worth.

ROME – They’re often the first people he greets when holding an audience, so it came as no surprise Tuesday when Pope Francis released a message for the World Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3), calling for them to be fully integrated in society, not only through legislation but a much-needed change in mentality. Crux. December 3.

Blessings to all

Trevor and Tina

Aben and Afflicks


Ambrose and Andre

Ansell and April

Christianus and Lanang

Danianus and Delvi

Hendra and Irwan

Mancarius and Rio

Rio and Risky

Rivan and Ronald

Sebas and Sebastianus

Stef and Tian

Group 1

Group 2