Despite restrictions with Covid throughout 2021, the MOP mission in Maliana made it a special Christmas for the people of nearby Saburai. Two Christmas events were held, one for the children of the village and another for the elderly.

This post provides a glimpse of the Christmas event where Christ’s love for the many poor children in Saburai is manifested through the actions of the brothers and the generous donors that assist from here in Australia. The generosity of donors here is an integral part of assisting the poor in Timor Leste.

During the latter part of 2021 we managed to pack 24 cartons for the mission that went across to Dili via a Rotary sponsored container. These cartons contained many in-kind donations, a part of which were the Christmas gifts that were given out to the children. Additional to this, financial assistance was provided by many individuals who provided cash donations to assist the purchasing of food for the children.

Thus, the people of Saburai thank all the donors in Australia that provided in-kind and financial assistance. With this assistance, the birth of Jesus was made special for these poor children of the village.

Happy New Year to all and the next post will report on the other Christmas events for the elderly and the people of Maliana.

God bless all and thank you

Trevor and Tina

Starting with prayers
Christmas gifts for the children
Waiting to eat
Entertainment begins

Entertainers with new clothes from Australia
Waiting in line for food

Girls that assisted on the day