The second container for 2021 to Timor Leste organised by Rotary arrived in Dili on the 26 January 2022.

After port clearance it was opened and unloaded on the 7 February. Our consignment in the container for MOP was 16 cartons, which contained school supplies, medicines and toiletries, and religious items. Brothers Elmer and Giovanni made the trip down in the MOP truck from Maliana to Dili early that morning. Accompanying them were several aspirants who have recently joined MOP from neighboring villages. Br Nerlito, who is the new vocations officer for MOP Timor Leste, now has around 20 young men who have recently joined MOP.

We are now packing another container for Timor Leste, due to leave from the Kingston depot south of Brisbane this April. We will keep you posted.

Blessings to all

Trevor and Tina