During our recent visit to the mission, we had the opportunity to be with the brothers and witness first-hand their ministries and outreach programs.

That said, perhaps we should once again, provide some background to the institute. The Missionaries of the Poor is a partly monastic Catholic religious institute and since its founding, it has received both papal and episcopal approval for its work and constitutions. Thus, the brothers work with the poor and build a community with the poor. The mission in Labuan Bajo, Flores runs a fully operating apostolate where the brothers permanently care for 21 special needs male residents. Additionally, they run outreach programs tending to the needs of the local poor, providing feeding and educational programs to disadvantaged children. The brothers have recently been providing evangelisation programs at local churches, and even hotels, through their music and singing. They operate a weekly catachesis and English class for the local children and provide child sponsorship (through sponsors in Australia) for local primary and secondary students, providing them with private Catholic educations.

The brothers operate almost a full farm on the property of the monastery with every available space of arable land cultivated, including livestock. These produces are used by the monastery and apostolate, and are also shared with local poor communities. Moreover, within the confines of the monastery, young men in formation (postulants and novices) are educated in English and in their vocational journey in becoming fully professed brothers. An important component of the brothers’ life is prayer, adoration, and daily mass. Each Saturday evening, with the local community, they have mass celebrated at the monastery. That is a brief summary of the mission and the images in this post will certainly expound on this.

We will continue with our mission journey next post

God bless all

Trevor and Tina

At the apostolate

Br Prisca at the apostolate

With Delvi and Br Prisca at the apostolate

With Delvi and Sebas at the apostolate

Nightly rosary

Br Conrad in the garden

Brothers creating pots from recycled plastic containers

Inside the bush house

The garden behind the monastery

Br Johnny out and about purchasing groceries for the Christmas feeding program

Br Sudhir at the hardware store

Groceries for the Christmas feeding program

Last minute purchasing of items for the Christmas feeding program

Br Conrad teaching aspirants

New driveway at the monastery – young brothers with Br Matias

Mass at the apostolate

Midday prayer in the chapel

Adoration in the chapel

Mass in the chapel

Music in the chapel

Music outreach at the local parish

Outreach to poor communities on the outskirts of town who break rocks and sell them per sack

Poor market communities that the brothers outreach to

English and catachesis class at the monastery

With the sponsored children and their parents