It has been several months now since our last post and unfortunately this post urgently reports on the tragic flooding that has occurred in the mountains and in Dili on Timor island, and in Flores over the first week of April.

Several lives have been lost on both islands with many poor communities, tragically feeling the brunt of the disaster. To make things worse, Timor Leste has recently had a rise in Covid-19 cases and thus Dili, and Maliana (where the brothers’ mission is) are two of many provincials in lockdown. Because of this lockdown and now the flooding, Maliana in addition to many other towns and villages, cannot receive consignments of essential goods and food supplies. In Dili, the streets turned into rivers and even the port was under water.

Currently, with the help of supporters here in Brisbane, we are packing cartons urgently, with primarily medical supplies, to send soon up to Dili via a Rotary container, to assist with the MOP mission in providing medical assistance to the many poor residents of Maliana and Saburai. Below we have put together some tragic images from Dili and from Malaka District near Atambua in West Timor (Indonesian Timor).

May God be with these poor people and let us be the face of Christ to them!

We will see you soon with our next post on some news from the Flores mission.

Blessings always

Trevor and Tina