The building of the monastery at Saburai, after being delayed due to Covid, is finally about to commence.

Several brothers have arrived from Jamaica who have building experience, and they will be supervising the building of the monastery/day use building. The land is levelled, with a terraced retaining wall on the upper side, and is totally surrounded by a boundary wall. The level section of the property where the building will be has been cleared of vegetation and the first turning of the soil was conducted by a surprising visitor to the Timor Leste mission. Yes, the Founder, the Very Reverend Fr Richard Ho Lung was returning from the Philippines in July and finally visited the two missions (Flores and Timor Leste) that he was still to visit. Now that the official turning of the soil has been done and the property is blessed, building will now commence.

Next time we will show some highlights of the Very Reverend Fr Ho Lung’s visit. Till then stay safe and blessings to all

Trevor and Tina