Some news from the mission at Maliana, Timor Leste. Building is well underway at the brothers’ property at Saburai.

After a long delay due to Covid and supply difficulties for building materials, the building has finally started in early September. This period is normally right in the middle of the dry season but this year the wet season has commenced very early with the rain starting in September instead of November which is delaying things. Two brothers with building skills arrived several months ago from Jamaica and are now supervising local workers in building the monastery/day use centre.

After first arriving in Timor Leste in 2015, building is finally underway. Timor Leste is a difficult country to develop a mission due to the scant infrastructure and the lack of basic services. It is good to see things moving for the ongoing care of the poor.

Blessings to all

Trevor and Tina

Local aspirants and brothers of the Timor Leste Mission