Christmas came a little late for the children of Saburai Village, Timor Leste.

Saburai is roughly 9 km SSW of Maliana. The village is around 900 m above sea level and lies at the base of the Saburai Range. The brothers, based in Maliana outreach to the people of this village. All are extremely poor and the Christmas event is a highlight for the children of the village. These children receive no other gifts at all. So now that the cartons had arrived from Brisbane, Australia there were enough gifts to make the children of Saburai feel very special. Combine this with a feeding program on the day and lots of games, it made a very memorable day for the very poor children of the village.

Next post will highlight a visit to the mission in late February

Till then

God bless

Trevor and Tina

Br Nerlito on left

Br Lorenzo on left

Br Andy at back

Br Francis

Br Giovanni on left