After a long break of almost four years (due to Covid), Trevor flew into Dili to visit the Maliana mission on 24 February.

One of the tasks of his visit was to buy groceries from a supermarket wharehouse at Dili, for the MOP religious community, and for food parcel distribution to the very elderly and disabled in Maliana and in Saburai. After the flight into Dili was delayed four hours, due to bad weather, we eventually loaded the MOP truck with groceries and drove the four hours, mostly through rain, to the formation house in Maliana. The following day, the grocery items were bundled into food parcels and loaded into the back of the 4WD for distribution, firstly to Saburai and then several days later to Maliana.

This post reports on arrival into Dili, the wharehouse visit and subsequent food parcel preparation.

Next time we will report on the distribution of the food parcels to the people of Saburai village.

Till then

God bless

Trevor and Tina

Dili from the air


At the wharehouse

Brother Anthony

Brother Nerlito

Road into Maliana

At the MOP formation house



Brothers Anthony and Lucas

Brothers Lucas and Illidgeo