The poor of Timor Leste, especially those in Maliana and Saburai are amazingingly resilient.

They grow crops and survive in very harsh climatic condtions. This climate is dry monsoonal where it rains for less than six months of the year with the remaining months being totally dry. Thus, the people are very adept at living in this climate and surviving on what we find difficult to comprehend. Now that the MOP mission is being established at Saburai, long term sustainable assistance to the local Saburai people will be developed over the coming years. In the interim, to give the local elderly and challenged residents of Saburai a boost, the brothers regularly provide food package deliveries to the most needy. This post reports on distributing the food parcels and some rosaries.

Unfortunately we could not get to the leper community at the end of the village due to the road being cut by a landslide. The people are so very pleased to receive the food parcels, just knowing that someone cares for them. Accompanying Trevor were Brs Francis, Lucas and Illidgeo, and the local Chief of Saburai.

Blessings to all

Trevor and Tina